Creating exceptional homes since 1985

Because your home is a reflection of you.

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“The team at Lakeville Homes has a deep understanding of the importance of long-term quality relationships with customers, subcontractors, and everyone with whom they come into contact. Impeccable attention to the details in design and craftsmanship make them one of the best builders in the Seattle/Eastside area.”


Your home is more than a place to live.

It’s where your child took his first steps and the backdrop for countless other memories. It’s hard to imagine a place more personal and important. It’s also likely your single most significant investment. So how do you know whom you can trust to remodel it with the level of care you require?


Building trust is as important as building homes.

For over 30 years the Lakeville Homes team has been stepping through doors like yours. And with each kitchen remodel or second story addition, we’ve earned the homeowner’s trust and an invitation back when their needs change.


It’s not just our reputation but also your dream that’s on the line.

We get it. And we can’t tell you to trust us, but we can invite you to get to know us. The trust we’ll build from there.

Let’s see what we can build together.