West Seattle BBQ – Professional Photos

As the fall/winter/spring showers of Seattle are fully upon us, I bring you a post to remind you that we do have a summer and that it will return.

This fabulous barbeque shelter is perfect for entertaining.  The open shelves provide plenty of storage, the granite slab counters an easy and durable cleaning surface.  Lighting makes is possible to enjoy the long days even later into the evening and a skylight keeps those precious blue skies visible.  The homeowners really knew what they wanted, outfitting their outdoor kitchen not only with a grill, but burners and an under counter refrigerator.  Every now and then, we work on a space where I leave saying, “I want that for my own house!”  This was one of those.

Here are the professional photographs completed for enjoyment this summer in West Seattle.  It’s a fairly simple solution that provides much usability for the homeowners.  The reports I’ve heard back from the first summer of enjoyment are stellar.  And photos like this make me lament the summer that has just passed but excited for the one just 9 short months away.


Jamie Hsu is President of Lakeville Homes, a quality custom home builder and remodeler in the Seattle area since 1985.  For additional information specific to your home construction or remodel project, please contact us at www.lakevillehomes.com.

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