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Kirkland Presale – SOLD

We completed and closed the Kirkland Presale back in October.  Because the home was sold by the time it was completed, and we didn’t have the opportunity the develop the kind of relationship we do with our custom home/remodel projects, we likely won’t get photographs of the house furnished.  Here are a few quick snapshots


Our client, on the recently completed West Seattle house as well as the Vuecrest completion, recently wrote me a recommendation on LinkedIn. I’m pretty sure that I am not deserving of all his compliments, but clearly I’m not so put aside by them that I’m not willing to share them here. “On two occasions my

West Seattle Contemporary Remodel: Project Update, Nearing Completion

Now I know it’s not quite fair to post a status update titled “Nearing Completion” when this is the first you’ve heard of it.  But that just provides for even more dramatic images in a single post. This project came to us via a bank we had previously helped to complete other projects.  Essentially they

Milestone of Success

When I first started working with Lakeville Homes, one of the marketing issues that needed attention was branding the Lakeville name.  How would we get metrics for determining if the Lakeville’s name was getting out there and associated with a quality product and the customer service we pride ourselves on? We determined that having Lakeville