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The Fiscal Cliff Deal and Your Home Improvement Project

The latest news is that Congress has passed legislation to avoid the “fiscal cliff” we have all heard so much about in December.  The specifics of the deal are something most of us won’t watch the details of too closely, but aside from the tax rates and program benefits included, one other item that impacts

40 Under 40 – Puget Sound Business Journal

Lakeville Homes’ President, Jamie Hsu, was just recognized as one of the Puget Sound Business Journal‘s (PSBJ) 40 Under 40.  For the past 14 years, the PSBJ has selected 40 honorees from among hundreds of applications to spotlight in their annual issue as well as better connect in the NW Next Leaders Council.  This year

Professional Photos – Redmond Master Bath

Some more Friday Fun.  This is another of our 2012 REX Award entries.  You’ve seen photos of this space before here.  However, I’m a true believer in professionals specializing in targeted areas.  This includes the art of photography.  Here are the photos that Cindy Apple took for us.        Some of the main characteristics this

Starting a Remodel on Radio

I was recently invited to join Ben Brashen on his daytime radio show, Brashenomics.  (You never know who you’ll meet at these networking events.)   The show covers a wide range of topics.  The one I participated in focused on home maintenance and real estate. We aired last Monday, and although clearly I’m not a radio

Hiring A Remodeler 101

The Master Builders Association publishes a consumer piece called HomeMatters before each Seattle Home Show.  In this past issue I authored an article for them on how to hire a remodeling contractor.  Really, it’s a handful of the questions we at Lakeville Homes hear most frequently, and generally it applies to every one of our

Press: Qualified Remodeler March 2012

We, at Lakeville Homes are keeping good company these days. Qualified Remodeler, a national industry publication, did an article this month on Women in Remodeling.  Of the entire nation, they interviewed 8 women in the industry.  And of those 8 women, 3 of them come from the Seattle area.  I am honored to be recognized

Why Lakeville – Wrap Up

You’ll notice in all of the above, I barely touch on price.  I mention value, but that is really an equation between the product/service and the price of it.  I’ll come out and say that every project has a budget.  Whether it is big or small, there is a budget.  And our goal is to

Why Lakeville – We Participate

Why should it matter to you that we are a part of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties? It absolutely should matter, and here’s why. If I’m the “fly by night” contractor from a couple of posts ago, I’m not a member.  If I happen to get a referral and do a

Why Lakeville – We Care

I mentioned at the beginning of all this that I have lived in a strangely huge number of our own project.  I think that’s what happens when your dad is an architect and your mom a contractor/developer.  They were hatching the house and move before the boxes were unpacked from the previous home.  There’s also

Why Lakeville – Teamwork

You saw the dates that our crew started working together.  By this time, we’re a pretty well-oiled machine.  We all have our roles and we all know we can call on the others to do.  And our team, working on your project, is more efficient, has more capacity and combines for a greater set of