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Kirkland Presale – Ready for Roof

While I’m busy catching up, remember we recently broke ground on that presale home in Kirkland? Well, this photo was taken a week and a half back, just before we were ready for roof.  Now, the roof is on, windows are in, siding started, rough-in underway etc. etc. With buyers for this home, the interiors

Best of 425 – Your Vote Counts!

Last year, with your involvement and assistance, Lakeville Homes was named both the Best Builder and Best Remodeler in 425 Magazine. It’s that time of year again!  We’d love to be a repeat winner in those categories.  Will you help? The process is simple. -Go to http://425magazine.com/vote/ -Register to vote (1 vote per email address

Custom Home: Kirkland Stylized Traditional – Exterior Details

As the interior gets trimmed out, we’ve been taking advantage of the dry, spring-like weather.  The painters have been going at the exterior.  Although they are not yet complete, the in-progress paint job is making some of the exterior elements of the house “pop.” Entry “sunburst”. Metal railings will infill between the posts, creating a

Why Lakeville – Wrap Up

You’ll notice in all of the above, I barely touch on price.  I mention value, but that is really an equation between the product/service and the price of it.  I’ll come out and say that every project has a budget.  Whether it is big or small, there is a budget.  And our goal is to

Why Lakeville – We Participate

Why should it matter to you that we are a part of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties? It absolutely should matter, and here’s why. If I’m the “fly by night” contractor from a couple of posts ago, I’m not a member.  If I happen to get a referral and do a

Why Lakeville – We Care

I mentioned at the beginning of all this that I have lived in a strangely huge number of our own project.  I think that’s what happens when your dad is an architect and your mom a contractor/developer.  They were hatching the house and move before the boxes were unpacked from the previous home.  There’s also

Why Lakeville – Teamwork

You saw the dates that our crew started working together.  By this time, we’re a pretty well-oiled machine.  We all have our roles and we all know we can call on the others to do.  And our team, working on your project, is more efficient, has more capacity and combines for a greater set of

Why Lakeville – Experience

Now you look at me, and you may wonder how much experience I can have and how I might be able to contribute to your project.  Even though I have am a licensed architect, that doesn’t equate to construction experience.  And I’ll openly admit, I’m not terribly versed in onsite construction.  That’s the bad news. 

Clyde Hill Nantucket: Not All Is As It Appears

Kind of looks the same as this, doesn’t it.  And that was nearly 3 weeks ago. However, things are still moving along at a quick click, which this photo doesn’t indicate.  Actually, at this point of the project, the exterior is no longer the critical path.  While our sider meticulously whittles away at crafting the

Kirkland Stylized Traditional: Coming Out

Our West of Market custom home is coming out of the ground.  The basement is waterproofed and partially backfilled.  Framing has begin, with the first floor almost complete.  (Fun Fact: The first floor framing is required to be in place before backfill can be completed since the entire house is designed as a system.  The