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MBA – Remodeler Member of the Year

We spend a lot of time volunteering at the Master Builders Association.  We’ve found it is a good way to get involved with a number of philanthropic opportunities through their foundations.  It’s a great way to be involved in our industry.  And honestly, it’s good business to know and collaborate with other outstanding professionals in

Hiring A Remodeler 101

The Master Builders Association publishes a consumer piece called HomeMatters before each Seattle Home Show.  In this past issue I authored an article for them on how to hire a remodeling contractor.  Really, it’s a handful of the questions we at Lakeville Homes hear most frequently, and generally it applies to every one of our

Project Idea Resources

You know what you like, when you see it.  And there is definitely truth to the saying, “A picture is worth 1000 words,” because how far are the words “nice” and “beige-ish” going to get you?  If you are working on your next home improvement project, at least mentally, and are looking for ideas, I

Rampathon 2011

This has become a tradition. For the third year now, Lakeville Homes has lead a build team for the Professional Women in Building Council of the MBA.  Each year, we have more volunteers and arguably more enthusiasm than any other participating group.  And each year, I am more and more proud to be a part

Do You Have Yours Yet?

The Remodelers Council has published it’s first Resource Listing.  In its early form, the Resource Listing is a directory of MBA Remodelers Council member companies.  It lists its membership by trade and area.  So if you are looking for a remodeler in Bellevue, there is a list of 10 qualified general contractors rather than the

Ramp Recipients Needed

For the past two years, Lakeville Homes has captained a Rampathon build team on behalf of the Professional Women in Building Council of the MBA.  We’re planning on doing it again this year.  But in order to build a ramp, we (actually, the CARE Foundation) needs ramp recipients. If you or someone in your community

…Another Man’s Treasure

We’ve seen it.  And you’ve maybe experienced it.  You are remodeling at least part of your home and hate to see perfectly usable _____ (fill in the blank: cabinets, light fixtures, appliances) go to waste.  They work and look fine, they just aren’t to your taste. Until recently, it appeared the only option was to

Membership’s Priveledges

Lakeville Homes is a long-time member of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish counties.  For a general contractor/remodeler like us, it’s a stamp of approval to would-be clients. But that’s not the only reason we are a part of this terrific association. -Networking/Marketing.  Involvement in the MBA is a means to grow our