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Greenlake Downsize – Framing, Part 1

In the past few weeks, we’ve been diligently working on the little house near Greenlake.  Since our last update, we’ve had the building drainage (footing drains) put it, backfilled and started framing.  The two-story portion of the house is completely framed here.  Yesterday the stairs were started and now we are working on framing the

Redmond Kitchen Renovation – Before and After

Yes, guilty as charged.  It’s not quite fair to have a project update when the project is already completed.  But the before and after images are so fun to look at! At a home near Redmond High School, the L family had a “totally 80’s kitchen” that was worse for the wear.  Even oak doesn’t

West Seattle BBQ – Professional Photos

As the fall/winter/spring showers of Seattle are fully upon us, I bring you a post to remind you that we do have a summer and that it will return. This fabulous barbeque shelter is perfect for entertaining.  The open shelves provide plenty of storage, the granite slab counters an easy and durable cleaning surface.  Lighting

Best of 425 Magazine

Our area and demographic is serviced by the relatively new publication, 425 Magazine.  Annually, they hold a “Best of” contest for their readers and area residents to chime in on the who, what and where in their communities.  When you are filling out your ballot (found here), please remember that Lakeville Homes fits for both

More Praise

Cindy was referred to us by her architect, Gelotte Hommas.  We not only were able to help her with getting her new home ready for her busy family, but earned her trust enough to assist in getting her previous home ready for sale.  Yesterday, after helping her address some items on the transaction inspection list,

FORE! Summer Social

We like to have fun too! And as hard as our team has worked over the past year, we’re happy that we got to celebrate a little.  With a golf tournament for non-serious golfers, on the Rusty Putter putt-putt course at Newcastle Golf Course on a beautiful summer evening, our team, some of our partners