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Kirkland Presale – Ready for Roof

While I’m busy catching up, remember we recently broke ground on that presale home in Kirkland? Well, this photo was taken a week and a half back, just before we were ready for roof.  Now, the roof is on, windows are in, siding started, rough-in underway etc. etc. With buyers for this home, the interiors

Kirkland Presale – Breaking Ground

Spring…it’s a time of renewal and fresh starts.  Yesterday was a gorgeous Seattle Spring day that had me digging around for those sunglasses and volunteering to hang “Pardon Our Dust” hangers on the house’s neighbors. It also was a beautiful day to start a new project.  We’ve had this Kirkland home listed since mid-2012.  At

Kirkland Spec – Starting Construction Soon

After several years focusing on remodeling and custom homes (working with other people’s money) Lakeville is putting a toe into the speculative building market again.  We’ve had this project on the boards for a while and expect the permit to be approved this month.  We will begin construction immediately. So if you or someone you

Vuecrest Promotional Video

Lisa Whittaker put together this promotional video for the project in Vuecrest we completed earlier this year.  We love Lisa because she’s always has fresh ideas about how to market her products.  This video is just another example of how she’s at the front of the field. Enjoy! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx9cHmyPUQU] Jamie Hsu is President of Lakeville