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MBA – Remodeler Member of the Year

We spend a lot of time volunteering at the Master Builders Association.  We’ve found it is a good way to get involved with a number of philanthropic opportunities through their foundations.  It’s a great way to be involved in our industry.  And honestly, it’s good business to know and collaborate with other outstanding professionals in

Lakemont Deck – Getting Ready for Summer

One of our forward thinking clients is getting his deck ready for summer.  Just a resurfacing with a splinter-free composite material, (It’s just so much easier on the little one’s bare feet), replacing some rotted material (Safety first) and installing an upgraded perimeter rail system. Is your home ready for you to enjoy the summer

Hiring A Remodeler 101

The Master Builders Association publishes a consumer piece called HomeMatters before each Seattle Home Show.  In this past issue I authored an article for them on how to hire a remodeling contractor.  Really, it’s a handful of the questions we at Lakeville Homes hear most frequently, and generally it applies to every one of our

Sales Tax Deduction Set to Expire

I’ve blogged about this before.  Because Washington State does not have a state income tax, we do not have a tax that is recognized as an offset against federal income tax.  Over the past few years, Congress has continued with a sales tax deduction offset.  It is not a part of the tax code, so

Ramp Recipients Needed

For the past two years, Lakeville Homes has captained a Rampathon build team on behalf of the Professional Women in Building Council of the MBA.  We’re planning on doing it again this year.  But in order to build a ramp, we (actually, the CARE Foundation) needs ramp recipients. If you or someone in your community