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Rustic Chic Remodel – Professional Photos

How’s this for a little Friday fun? We had these photos taken a couple of months back with the intent of submitting the project for the Remodeling Excellence (REX) Awards.  Now that the judging is complete (all those judges follow this blog, I’m sure!), I’m excited to share the images with you. We love how

Coming Soon – Arc.I.Tek

By now Seattlelites have seen the 2012  focus on the Space Needle.  First, Angry Birds did this art installation to draw attention to their new game launch.  Then I opened up my latest issue of Seattle Met magazine and saw they had an article about the structure, which is celebrating its 50th year. The Space Needle

Stylized Traditional – Interior Complete

Some extreme weather held up the landscaping, although we’re wrapping that up as we speak.  In the meantime the interiors have been completed and our home owner has had a chance to get settled.  We’ll be back for professional photos, but in the meantime here are some shots of the built interiors. Many thanks to

Remodel: Rustic Chic – Master Bedroom

This room is lovely.  And it’s going to be spectacular.  The Trestlewood beams are in place, adding real personality to the other wise white sheetrocked room.  The fasteners are practically invisible.  Through those sliding wood doors, there is a magnificent view of Tiger Mountain, as seen over the parcel’s 20 acres.  The fireplace is in

Custom Home: Kirkland Stylized Traditional – Finish Work Begins

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update of this project.  We’re now to the fun part, where the finishes start to pull together…the stuff that you’ll see in the end. Sheetrock is up, the walls are taped and textured.  The hardwood floors have been installed.  Because of acute allergies, this home is carpet-free.

Remodel: Rustic Chic – Framing

About one working week in, this project is starting to take shape. One of the challenges here is that the home owner wants wood floor throughout the bedroom wing (which is the area we are working on).  However the existing structure was originally built as a garage.  Subsequent owners had different ideas about how the

Kirkland Stylized Traditional: Paper and Decks

As the weather turns here in Seattle, our custom home in Kirkland is getting buttoned up.  The windows are in and building paper is going on.  When I was at the house yesterday, there were no less than 12 people on site making things happen.  Gas line for the generator.  Metal roof installation.  Electrician.  Low-voltage.

Kirkland Stylized Traditional: Roof Trusses

It’s been a while since I gave a project update.  However, inactivity on my blogging end doesn’t mean that the projects haven’t continued at a fairly quick pace. The house is really taking shape.  All the exterior walls and most of the interior walls are framed.  Roof trusses are on, and likely by the time

Kirkland Stylized Traditional: Coming Out

Our West of Market custom home is coming out of the ground.  The basement is waterproofed and partially backfilled.  Framing has begin, with the first floor almost complete.  (Fun Fact: The first floor framing is required to be in place before backfill can be completed since the entire house is designed as a system.  The

West of Market Stylized Traditional: Project Update, Now That’s a Basement

As I’ve made friends who have relocated to the Pacific Northwest from other parts of the country, it’s often been mentioned how there are very few true basements in the homes here.  From a construction standpoint, the reasons are obvious.  It’s difficult to get a “nice” bedroom using a window well, and both light and