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40 Under 40 – Puget Sound Business Journal

Lakeville Homes’ President, Jamie Hsu, was just recognized as one of the Puget Sound Business Journal‘s (PSBJ) 40 Under 40.  For the past 14 years, the PSBJ has selected 40 honorees from among hundreds of applications to spotlight in their annual issue as well as better connect in the NW Next Leaders Council.  This year

Why Lakeville – Wrap Up

You’ll notice in all of the above, I barely touch on price.  I mention value, but that is really an equation between the product/service and the price of it.  I’ll come out and say that every project has a budget.  Whether it is big or small, there is a budget.  And our goal is to

Why Lakeville – We Participate

Why should it matter to you that we are a part of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties? It absolutely should matter, and here’s why. If I’m the “fly by night” contractor from a couple of posts ago, I’m not a member.  If I happen to get a referral and do a

Why Lakeville – We Care

I mentioned at the beginning of all this that I have lived in a strangely huge number of our own project.  I think that’s what happens when your dad is an architect and your mom a contractor/developer.  They were hatching the house and move before the boxes were unpacked from the previous home.  There’s also

Why Lakeville – Teamwork

You saw the dates that our crew started working together.  By this time, we’re a pretty well-oiled machine.  We all have our roles and we all know we can call on the others to do.  And our team, working on your project, is more efficient, has more capacity and combines for a greater set of

Why Lakeville – Experience

Now you look at me, and you may wonder how much experience I can have and how I might be able to contribute to your project.  Even though I have am a licensed architect, that doesn’t equate to construction experience.  And I’ll openly admit, I’m not terribly versed in onsite construction.  That’s the bad news. 

Rampathon 2011

This has become a tradition. For the third year now, Lakeville Homes has lead a build team for the Professional Women in Building Council of the MBA.  Each year, we have more volunteers and arguably more enthusiasm than any other participating group.  And each year, I am more and more proud to be a part

Remodel WOW!

We just completed the whole-house remodel up in the Somerset neighborhood of Bellevue.  The existing home was “vintage” late 1960’s. Here are a few before-and-after photos. Exterior: All windows were replaced to an energy efficient product, and some were strategic relocated to maximize the view of downtown Bellevue and Seattle that the house had.  Imagine