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Kirkland Presale – Ready for Roof

While I’m busy catching up, remember we recently broke ground on that presale home in Kirkland? Well, this photo was taken a week and a half back, just before we were ready for roof.  Now, the roof is on, windows are in, siding started, rough-in underway etc. etc. With buyers for this home, the interiors

Clyde Hill Nantucket – Client Testimonial

We are proud of every single one of our projects.  Occasionally, our clients are as excited about how things turned out as we are and willing to go on record to share their experience. You likely followed our Clyde Hill Nantucket project as it was being built.  A couple of months back we went back

Kind Words

Sometimes praise comes from unlikely sources. When working on a project, obviously our priority is to provide our clients with product and services we’ve promised, and do so efficiently.  With the client at the forefront of our thoughts, we still need to navigate the sub-contractors, designers and jurisdiction.  Sometimes there are disagreements, but we always

Custom Home: Clyde Hill Nantucket – Trim Out

The homeowners are scheduling movers for our custom home in Clyde Hill.  While it will be early December before we have all of the sign-offs and the trucks back up to the garage with a family’s earthly belongings, things really are taking shape inside. Here’s a short photo tour (I can’t wait until we have

Custom Home: Clyde Hill Nantucket – Countertops and Finish Carpentry

While the house is currently all masked off for interior painting, here are some photos of the interiors.  The finish millwork is complete and the kitchen slabs (a honed black) went in so that the balance of the cabinets could be installed. Underneath that floor paper is a gorgeous wide plank, white oak floor.  The

Project Update: Clyde Hill Nantucket – Finish Trades

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this project, and our clients who have been out of town for 6 weeks are set to return.  We’re happy to report that things are just about exactly where we told them they would be at this point, several months back. The siding is complete, except for a

Clyde Hill Nantucket: Not All Is As It Appears

Kind of looks the same as this, doesn’t it.  And that was nearly 3 weeks ago. However, things are still moving along at a quick click, which this photo doesn’t indicate.  Actually, at this point of the project, the exterior is no longer the critical path.  While our sider meticulously whittles away at crafting the

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Clyde Hill Cape Cod: Project Update, Windows in and Building Paper On

As what is most easily visible moves along, it is no longer the critical path of the project. After we are what we refer to as “buttoned up”, the focus moves to the inside of the house where the systems are being roughed in. Electrical pulled, air systems ducted and plumbing, um, plumbed. Over the

Clyde Hill Cape Cod: Project Update, Framing Complete

Started in late February, the framing on this house is complete.  The roof is on and windows are currently going in while rough-in takes place inside. Things are chugging right along… Jamie Hsu is President of Lakeville Homes, a quality custom home builder in the Seattle area since 1985.  For additional information specific to your