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Greenlake Downsize – Framing, Part 1

In the past few weeks, we’ve been diligently working on the little house near Greenlake.  Since our last update, we’ve had the building drainage (footing drains) put it, backfilled and started framing.  The two-story portion of the house is completely framed here.  Yesterday the stairs were started and now we are working on framing the

West Seattle BBQ Shelter – Before and After

Many of our projects are smaller in nature.  While they take less time and have smaller budgets, they don’t get any less attention from our staff.  Except maybe for me.  I don’t get out there to get the periodic progress photos and get them posted up here on our blog for you to see. Here

Project Spotlight: Greenlake Bungalow

We’ve been holding back the images of this project because it was our 2011 REX Award entry.  Unfortunately, we weren’t crowned “winner,” but that doesn’t make this project any less spectacular. A classic Seattle bungalow sought to update the look and increase functionality while maintaining the spirit of the neighborhood aesthetic. An efficient floor plan