Redmond Addition – Under Way

Besides winning awards and gaining recognition, our Lakeville Homes crews have been busy on some new projects.  It’s just this blogger that has just fallen a bit behind.

So what have we been doing?  Glad you asked!  Right now we are in the midst of a 2-story addition for a family in Redmond.  They are the classic example of many of our current and recent clients.  They love the neighborhood they are in, have done some updates to their 1980’s home, but as their family grows up, find that their needs have changed.  Although they considered it, it just didn’t make sense to move and they were able to secure financing for their remodel at very reasonable rates.

The scope of this project is to enlarge the existing family and nook areas so the space operates as more of a great room.  After all, when the teenagers starting bringing home their teenaged friends, the room suddenly shrinks.  Upstairs, the daughter will get her own bedroom suite (I wish my parents had loved me as much, especially when I was a teenager!) and the master bedroom will be reconfigured with cathedral ceilings.


For those of you wondering, this is not an easy remodel to live through.  Trust that Lakeville is doing everything we can to move things along quickly and lessen the pain and frustrating.  And the clients, well, they are doing their part to be amazing clients!

Next up, finishing the siding and getting sheetrock up.

Jamie Hsu is President of Lakeville Homes, a quality custom home builder and remodeler in the Seattle area since 1985.  For additional information specific to your home construction or remodel project, please contact us at

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