Ravenna Bathroom – Before and After

You know how pockets of Seattle have those insanely adorable, quintessentially Seattle bungalows?  Our clients live in one of those.  The doors are what manufacturers are trying to replicate with modern day, but affordable options.  The door hardware has to be found in reclamation shops.  And sometimes, the bathrooms just need to be updated again to honor the heritage of the space.

Sometime in the 70’s this bathroom had been remodeled.  And not in a particularly pleasing way.



Fast forward to 2013 when the home owners were going to have a change of use, with their youngest child graduating from high school and heading off to college.  What a great way to celebrate (?) or at least memorialize this milestone.  One the kids may not appreciate, but the parents certainly will!

The end result is a beautifully functional space.  It hints towards the traditional, but certainly provides modern day functionality and comfort (can you say heated floors?) and aesthetic which may not be timeless, but will certainly please the users for many years to come!  Some other not so obvious upgrades include the tile floors that have a wood grain look, roll out shelf bottoms in the sink cabinets and mirrors that conceal medicine cabinet storage, double swinging shower/tub doors providing privacy and the versatility to easily enjoy the tub.





Professional photos to follow of this one, for sure!

Jamie Hsu is President of Lakeville Homes, a quality custom home builder and remodeler in the Seattle area since 1985.  For additional information specific to your home construction or remodel project, please contact us at www.lakevillehomes.com.

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