MBA – Remodeler Member of the Year

We spend a lot of time volunteering at the Master Builders Association.  We’ve found it is a good way to get involved with a number of philanthropic opportunities through their foundations.  It’s a great way to be involved in our industry.  And honestly, it’s good business to know and collaborate with other outstanding professionals in our industry.

This past Thursday, the Master Builders Association gave us the esteemed honor of recognizing us as the Remodeler Member of the Year.  Jamie Hsu was on hand at the Woodland Park Zoo to accept the award.  We are honored to be associated with this outstanding group of alumni.  Thank you MBA for what you do, and allow us to do through you!

LakevilleHomes_MBA_2013 RMoY 1

LakevilleHomes_MBA_2013 RMoY 3

LakevilleHomes_MBA_2013 RMoY 4

Jamie Hsu is President of Lakeville Homes, a quality custom home builder and remodeler in the Seattle area since 1985.  For additional information specific to your home construction or remodel project, please contact us at

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