Greenlake Downsize – Framing, Part 1

In the past few weeks, we’ve been diligently working on the little house near Greenlake.  Since our last update, we’ve had the building drainage (footing drains) put it, backfilled and started framing.  The two-story portion of the house is completely framed here.  Yesterday the stairs were started and now we are working on framing the one-story portion of the house on the street side.  Roof trusses will arrive and get set on Tuesday, and we’ll be that much closer to being dried-in.

I’ll get back out there once the trusses are set.  At that point, you’ll really be able to see the shape of the house.  The architect did a great job stepping back the elevation so that this house will still read as a bungalow on the street, rather than a mega-house (which the neighbor so greatly fears).

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