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Clyde Hill Nantucket – Client Testimonial

We are proud of every single one of our projects.  Occasionally, our clients are as excited about how things turned out as we are and willing to go on record to share their experience. You likely followed our Clyde Hill Nantucket project as it was being built.  A couple of months back we went back

2012 Builder of the Year!

The Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties is the oldest and largest home builders association in the country.  Among their esteemed membership (that includes 1000 home building/remodeling companies), they recognized Lakeville Homes as their Builder of the Year.  That’s right, even with the guys who do hundreds of housing starts a year, work

Kind Words

Sometimes praise comes from unlikely sources. When working on a project, obviously our priority is to provide our clients with product and services we’ve promised, and do so efficiently.  With the client at the forefront of our thoughts, we still need to navigate the sub-contractors, designers and jurisdiction.  Sometimes there are disagreements, but we always

Ismon Testimonial

Tom and Joyce did a very substantial remodel with us back in 2007.  Their home was one of our REX (Remodeling Excellence) Award winners.  I think it is a real testament to their belief in Lakeville’s work that after this much time has passed, they are willing to do a testimonial for them.  Then again,

More Praise

Cindy was referred to us by her architect, Gelotte Hommas.  We not only were able to help her with getting her new home ready for her busy family, but earned her trust enough to assist in getting her previous home ready for sale.  Yesterday, after helping her address some items on the transaction inspection list,


Our client, on the recently completed West Seattle house as well as the Vuecrest completion, recently wrote me a recommendation on LinkedIn. I’m pretty sure that I am not deserving of all his compliments, but clearly I’m not so put aside by them that I’m not willing to share them here. “On two occasions my