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Sales Tax Deduction Set to Expire

I’ve blogged about this before.  Because Washington State does not have a state income tax, we do not have a tax that is recognized as an offset against federal income tax.  Over the past few years, Congress has continued with a sales tax deduction offset.  It is not a part of the tax code, so

Remodel: Rustic Chic – Framing

About one working week in, this project is starting to take shape. One of the challenges here is that the home owner wants wood floor throughout the bedroom wing (which is the area we are working on).  However the existing structure was originally built as a garage.  Subsequent owners had different ideas about how the

Remodel: Rustic Chic Project Kick-off

The wet climate of the Seattle winters can make substantial remodels a sensitive prospect for much of the year.  To our great fortune, the remodel we started this week is predominately interior work.  That paired with the slab on grade structure, few finish materials remaining and our Lakeville’s careful attention make this an ideal winter