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MBA – Remodeler Member of the Year

We spend a lot of time volunteering at the Master Builders Association.  We’ve found it is a good way to get involved with a number of philanthropic opportunities through their foundations.  It’s a great way to be involved in our industry.  And honestly, it’s good business to know and collaborate with other outstanding professionals in

Have you Scene It?

I’m a little sheepish about this recent recognition.  I mean, here we are a small (5.5 employee) residential construction company in Bellevue.  We do enough of a dollar value of projects to keep our staff and our subcontractors pretty busy, but we have no plans to run a monopoly on the eastside and for the

The Fiscal Cliff Deal and Your Home Improvement Project

The latest news is that Congress has passed legislation to avoid the “fiscal cliff” we have all heard so much about in December.  The specifics of the deal are something most of us won’t watch the details of too closely, but aside from the tax rates and program benefits included, one other item that impacts

Happy Holidays!

Season’s Greetings to our friends from Lakeville Homes! What a year it has been!  We’ve been so lucky and honored to be recognized on so many front for the good work and commitment to our community that we’ve been doing all along.  Our 2013 is looking busier than we could have asked for or expected.

Community Service Opportunity – Painting a Better Tomorrow

My favorite ways to contribute are the ones that let me roll up my sleeves and really make a difference.  Don’t get me wrong, I write my fair share of checks too, but the personal impact and return are so much greater when I have an experience to tag along with the assistance I’m giving.

Facebook – Stay with Us

I think I’m getting to that age where I’m not sure “change” is a good thing.  Of course technology bring forth change faster than ever before. Facebook is now a publicly traded company.  The first change that’s meant to our small business that stems from the change to their big business is that it’s not

Seattle Permits Numbers Among Nation’s Highest

Here at Lakeville, we’ve been feeling it.  It’s been building slowly over the past 6 months, and suddenly there’s a surge in activity and interest in construction, be it home improvement projects or even the inventory of new homes.  While I’m one to trust my instincts, it’s nice to have some data to back it

Coming Soon – Arc.I.Tek

By now Seattlelites have seen the 2012  focus on the Space Needle.  First, Angry Birds did this art installation to draw attention to their new game launch.  Then I opened up my latest issue of Seattle Met magazine and saw they had an article about the structure, which is celebrating its 50th year. The Space Needle

The Season of Giving

Wishing our friends, trade partner and clients a Merry Christmas!  And wishing you all more of what really matters in 2012!     With what is still widely recognized as a “down economy”, Lakeville Homes has decided to give back to the community that has given so much to us, this year.  In lieu of

Why Lakeville – Wrap Up

You’ll notice in all of the above, I barely touch on price.  I mention value, but that is really an equation between the product/service and the price of it.  I’ll come out and say that every project has a budget.  Whether it is big or small, there is a budget.  And our goal is to