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The Fiscal Cliff Deal and Your Home Improvement Project

The latest news is that Congress has passed legislation to avoid the “fiscal cliff” we have all heard so much about in December.  The specifics of the deal are something most of us won’t watch the details of too closely, but aside from the tax rates and program benefits included, one other item that impacts

Seattle Permits Numbers Among Nation’s Highest

Here at Lakeville, we’ve been feeling it.  It’s been building slowly over the past 6 months, and suddenly there’s a surge in activity and interest in construction, be it home improvement projects or even the inventory of new homes.  While I’m one to trust my instincts, it’s nice to have some data to back it

Coming Soon – Arc.I.Tek

By now Seattlelites have seen the 2012  focus on the Space Needle.  First, Angry Birds did this art installation to draw attention to their new game launch.  Then I opened up my latest issue of Seattle Met magazine and saw they had an article about the structure, which is celebrating its 50th year. The Space Needle

Sales Tax Deduction Set to Expire

I’ve blogged about this before.  Because Washington State does not have a state income tax, we do not have a tax that is recognized as an offset against federal income tax.  Over the past few years, Congress has continued with a sales tax deduction offset.  It is not a part of the tax code, so

The Ides of March

Did you know that as of March 15th, the Department of Commerce has oversight of the removal and renovation of lead paint requirements (previously under the umbrella of the EPA).  The consensus is that this is a “good” thing, focusing on education rather than catching those not in compliance and enforcing the rules (and fines)

Sales Tax Deduction Continued

My sales tax blog from a couple weeks ago garnered more “hits” to this blog than I’ve ever had.  I think it’s an issue that impacts those of us who live in Washington State financially directly, and therefor matters. Senator Maria Cantwell has introduced legislation that would make the deduction permanent.  As the laws currently

Deducting State Sales Tax

On December 17th of 2010, the so-called lame-duck Congress passed a tax bill with so many bullet points associated with what it impacts, that one’s head spins. However, if you are a Washington state resident and you made significant alterations to your home in 2010 (or plan to in 2011) there is a single bullet

Tax Credit for Saving Energy

As part of the Federal Stimulus package, homeowners can now receive up to a 30% tax credit for making their home more energy efficient ( What is eligible?  Built goods such as energy efficient windows, additional insulation and heating/cooling equipment fall within the categories.  Items such as that new washer and dryer or refrigerator you’ve been

On the Bright Side

It seems that no matter what direction we turn right now, the media is blasting us with their message of gloom and doom.  Yes, our President-elect has challenges ahead of him, yes the housing market is in the toilet from the national perspective, yes we are hearing about bail outs in numbers that most of

Seattle is #1

As we continue to hear depressing news from the national media and wonder where the proverbial “bottom” of the current market slide is, there is finally a blip of good news on the radar.  Aren’t we all praying and wanting for some good news? The Seattle Times released a report yesterday saying that Seattle is