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Kirkland Stylized Traditional: Paper and Decks

As the weather turns here in Seattle, our custom home in Kirkland is getting buttoned up.  The windows are in and building paper is going on.  When I was at the house yesterday, there were no less than 12 people on site making things happen.  Gas line for the generator.  Metal roof installation.  Electrician.  Low-voltage.

Ismon Testimonial

Tom and Joyce did a very substantial remodel with us back in 2007.  Their home was one of our REX (Remodeling Excellence) Award winners.  I think it is a real testament to their belief in Lakeville’s work that after this much time has passed, they are willing to do a testimonial for them.  Then again,

West Seattle – Professional Photos

I just received the professional photos from our staged and completed project in West Seattle.  A synopsis of the backstory: The previous owner was a “flipper” who lost this project to the bank half way through.  The bank has been a client of ours for a number of projects, and asked us to help them

FORE! Summer Social

We like to have fun too! And as hard as our team has worked over the past year, we’re happy that we got to celebrate a little.  With a golf tournament for non-serious golfers, on the Rusty Putter putt-putt course at Newcastle Golf Course on a beautiful summer evening, our team, some of our partners


I was doing a little late summer cleaning and came across this (yes, my piling system leaves something to be desired). It’s our recognition for prolonged membership in the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce (issued May 2010–eek, serious piling system). When I attended the luncheon to receive it, the gentleman that I was seated next to


Our client, on the recently completed West Seattle house as well as the Vuecrest completion, recently wrote me a recommendation on LinkedIn. I’m pretty sure that I am not deserving of all his compliments, but clearly I’m not so put aside by them that I’m not willing to share them here. “On two occasions my

Project Update: Clyde Hill Nantucket – Finish Trades

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this project, and our clients who have been out of town for 6 weeks are set to return.  We’re happy to report that things are just about exactly where we told them they would be at this point, several months back. The siding is complete, except for a

Project Update: West Seattle Contemporary

I lied. I thought that the next set of photos on this house I’d post were going to be the professional ones.  However, after a visit yesterday, with the staging partially complete, I felt I just had to share. A little master closet “wow.” And I promise, the next images will be by a real

Kirkland Stylized Traditional: Roof Trusses

It’s been a while since I gave a project update.  However, inactivity on my blogging end doesn’t mean that the projects haven’t continued at a fairly quick pace. The house is really taking shape.  All the exterior walls and most of the interior walls are framed.  Roof trusses are on, and likely by the time