MI Rambler: Progress

There are parts of projects where to the casual passerby, it just doesn’t look like anything is happening.  Then there are parts of projects that literally stop traffic. We are currently working on a remodel on Mercer Island.  It’s a rambler.  Although the square footage increase is minimal (less than 150 SF), the home’s volume

Hypothetical I

New to this blog: a series of hypothetical problems that our clients have, and the solutions that ultimately best accommodate their specific situation. The issues: Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner purchased their 1922 home in Laurelhurst 5 years ago. They would love to stay in the area (their neighbors are wonderful!) but the house doesn’t really

Award Winner – AGAIN!

Just in:  Lakeville Homes has won another REX Award! The Ismon Residence was recongized by the Master Buider’s Association of King and Snohomish Counties as the recipient for a remodeling excellence award in the category of “Existing or Additional Square Footage more than $600,000.” Great job, team! Architect: Freiheit & Ho Architects Interiors Design:  Mary Hanson,

SOLD OUT – Magnolia Place

More than three years since the property was purchased with two years of active construction, Magnolia Place is set to close out. As Mercer Island’s only (unconfirmed) gated community, the 4-home plat has been the product of countless man hours by highly skilled artisans, care in construction and thoughtful planning.  The third home was completed late