Who can you trust?

It’s your home. It’s where your child took his first steps and the backdrop for countless other memories. It’s hard to imagine a place more personal and important. It’s also likely your single biggest investment. So how do you know who you can trust to remodel it with the level of care you require?

For over 30 years the Lakeville Homes team has been stepping through doors not so unlike yours. And with each kitchen remodel or second story addition, we’ve been proving ourselves to each home’s residents; earning their trust, and an invitation back when their needs change.

We can’t tell you to trust us, but we can invite you to get to know us. The trust we’ll build on from the very beginning.


Meet The Team


Jamie Hsu  

Jamie is President of Lakeville Homes, fulfilling business/project development and office roles.  A Seattle area native, Jamie was raised in a construction household with a home-building mother and architect father.  An architect herself, Jamie followed in her mother’s footsteps.  Outside of the office, Jamie enjoys spending time with her husband Bill and young sons Tilden and Dexter.


Rick Rahlfs  

As Lakeville’s Vice President, Rick has experience that belies his age.  First employed as a yard maintenance helper before he could drive, Rick was loyal to Lakeville from the start; leaving Lakeville only long enough to get a degree in Construction Management from Washington State University.  Rick brings a quiet determination and can-do attitude to every project.


Brad Gilbertson  

As Lakeville’s first employee, Brad brings a depth of experience and expertise to his role as Job Superintendent.  Dedicated to finding functional solutions, it is Brad’s confident personality that puts clients at ease as they tackle the sometimes overwhelming construction process.  Brad and his wife Robin, a horse trainer, are long time residents of Redmond.


Felicia Foster  

With Lakeville Homes since 1988, Felicia is the company’s Project Manager.  She handles the estimating, scheduling and oversight of ongoing projects.  Originally from the Philippines, Felicia brings with her patience and expert, calming guidance when working with clients unfamiliar with the construction process.  Felicia and her husband Stephen live in Bellevue, with her grown sons nearby.


Scott Monte  

Scott is our jack-of-all trades or pick-up guy.  There’s very little on a job site that Scott hasn’t had a hand in at some point.  His easy going manner and vast skill set make him a perfect handyman because he can make any client comfortable and take on any task.  Scott and Maggie live in Maple Valley where they train and compete their dogs in agility.